Day 7: June 9 & 10: “Drenched in the Holy Spirit”

Day 7: June 9 and 10 “Drenched in the Holy Spirit”

We had an awesome experience going to the shelter yesterday. The shelter was by the coast, so it was much hotter there and all of us entered into the building drenched in sweat. The people there sang praises to God in Spanish and we knew the songs so we were able to join them in English. It was a beautiful thing to witness. A glimpse of heaven was seen in that room. Afterwards, we ministered to them through music by singing a few songs. A Paradise Bound pastor gave an encouraging message that ended with an invitation to accept/re-accept God into their lives and as the many broken people came forward, we were able to join with them in prayer as they cried out to a God who can heal every pain. While the room was full of people drenched in sweat the room was also drenched in the Holy Spirit’s presence and in Christ’s love. I know for me personally, it was the best part of the entire trip.

We concluded the evening with a night of powerful worship, devotion, and prayer. The evening ended with a cross where we nailed our baggage, our sins, and our whole lives upon it. We all left the night knowing a little bit more about our Father and some made the commitment to follow Him wholeheartedly for the first time. We praise God for everything that He has done. I have been praying in confidence, knowing that God can do more than we ask or imagine and God did that for us this week. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and especially your prayers. “Prayer does not equip us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work!” We are almost ready to leave the base and head for the airport so please pray us home! We look forward to sharing our trip with you!



Day 6: June 8, 2018 “The Great I AM”

Day 6: June 9, 2018 “The Great I AM”

We apologize for the late blogs, but we have had some late nights. The Day 5 post for the first medical clinic was posted last night by Jeana Squier who is the leader from New Hope. Take a look at that post first!

Medical Clinic #2:
Last night we made our way to another village that was a bit further out, around 2 hours. This medical clinic was set up the same way the first one was with similar activities occurring throughout. We were expecting the same amount (if not more) people than the first clinic because of the village size, but the turnout was less. We later found out a bus accident occurred up the hill from our clinic. Please pray for all who were involved! It can become discouraging when the devil works against in these ways, but Christ emerged victorious once again last night! Almost everyone who came to the medical clinic last night dedicated or rededicated their lives to Christ! What another powerful night! Before the testimonies and messages last night we sang the song “Great I Am” and I encourage you to take a listen to that song. The bridge has some powerful lyrics that I want to share with you:

The mountains shake before you
The demons run and flee
At the mention of your name King of Majesty
There is no power in hell
Nor any who can stand
Before the power and the presence of
The Great I Am!

That anthem has never rang truer for me and I know our team witnessed that awesome power last night! Our team members were overwhelmed with emotion and kept their eyes open to the work the Holy Spirit was doing. At the end of the night there was one man who remained sitting on ground with his head in his hands. Quite a few people started to gather around him and pray for him until our entire team was surrounding the one remaining man. Each person laid their hands on him and prayed. There were multiple times when the team just began singing songs to heaven and it was a beautiful picture of what God calls us to do as His servants. Thank you so much for your prayers! Prayers are so powerful. As a team we are seeing just how powerful prayer can be and we hope that you are experiencing that same life-changing power as well! Today we will minister to many families who have been affected by the volcano, so we plead with you for more prayers because no power in hell can stand before the presence of our great I AM!

Medical Clinic #1: June 7, 2018

Team Hillcrest/New Hope Update (medical clinic updates):
Medical Clinic #1 June 7th: Thursday morning the team woke up to preparation duty for the medical clinics. All members of both teams were tasked with packaging and labeling multiple different medications, making lunches for supper at the clinic, and preparing games and gift bags to interact with the villagers. The team began to feel the emotional and physical tole that the building process and dedication responsibilities take on a team.
Once breakfast and our medical preparation duties were complete the team circled up for morning devotions. Dan did share at the beginning of devotions a status of the volcano eruption and those effected. Please continue to pray for Guatemalan’s as the reality is becoming very dim that the 130+ missing villagers will not be rescued. Please also pray that there will be no other volcano activity or eruptions.
Once devotions were complete the team geared up and headed out to our first village. The drive was a bit over an hour on decent roads. As soon as we pulled up to our location many many families were awaiting our arrival. The location where we held the medical clinic was a very nice school facility. The team began working as soon as we exited the vans, by transporting all the medical supplies, gifts/games, food and water to be used during the medical clinic. Once all the core materials were unloaded the team members who wanted to help with the medical clinic gathered in the location where the medical clinic was being held and Dan provided a high level training overview of the process. As those who were being prepped for the clinic all the rest of the team was already out investing time, talents and energy with the children and adults outside the medical clinic. Team members played soccer, catch, painted nails, did hair, colored in coloring books, did temporary tattoos, handed out gifts, pushed children on the swings, played random games, and loved on each of the villagers.
Approximately 50 families were seen at the medical clinic (with an average of 4 individuals per family). It was amazing to see each of these families receive from the basic of care of vitamins to antibiotics to help them with more serious issues. As soon as the medical clinic completed care for all the family members the team began the “Jesus” movie (using a portable big screen sheet). The movie is a very powerful representation of Christ’s last days on earth through his ascension. Once the movie was over the full mission team came to the front and sang a few songs, and delivered a few personal testimonies. Once that was completed the team headed back into the crowd to begin praying over and laying hands on villagers during the time a Paradise Bound minister delivered their message. Once the message was given, Pablo Jesus began an alter call request for any of the villagers to come and receive Christs gift of salvation. This event was more than powerful, something that only those who were physically there could understand. The number of those who came forward to accept Christ was overwhelming and so encouraging. The actual number I can not give you, but approximately 100+ villagers (children and adults) came forward. Many tears and hugs ended the night with a joy that can not be explained. For those of our team who had not been to such an event before were overwhelmed with emotion and love for those they just became eternal brothers and sisters with in heaven. The Paradise bound team members then delivered beans and rice bags to each of the families who came to the medical clinic while the remaining mission team worked on taking down and packing up. The team was loaded up and headed back to base at 10:00 pm. Thankful to get home safely without any vehicle breakdowns or obstetrical. AMEN!
Update on Medical Clinic #2 will be posted tomorrow morning early.
Jeana Squier 🙂

Traveling Back to Base

We received some texts to convey the team’s plans for tomorrow – to go to a shelter to minister to volcano victims and their families. These victims are some that Paradise Bound has relationships with from prior work in their villages which are now impassable. It is likely that most in the shelter have lost family members – either missing or dead.

Please pray for their more immediate need. We’ve received some more messages and at this time, they are travelling back to the base and are having vehicle issues. They have stopped multiple times because of their own vehicle troubles as well as to help others. They are now moving again and estimate it will take about 30-40 minutes to get back to the base, if there are no more stops. Please pray for God’s protection over them as they travel these last miles back to the base.

Together in prayer,

Chris Brinks




Pray Them Home

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few days away from getting our team home (here to Hudsonville and to Iowa).  I am in awe of our God, that in the midst of all the death, destruction, and darkness that He is the Light of the World.  Only God can turn tragedy into triumph through the power of His Holy Name.

We, as prayer warriors, need to turn it up another notch.  The team needs our prayers now more than ever.  These last two days can be the hardest to stay focused.  One more medical clinic today, and then the final devotions on Saturday night.  The team is starting to run on empty.  (Please also pray for restored health for a couple of our team members.)  Let’s continue to pray that they have the love and energy to share the gospel tonight.  Pray that the “Jesus” film, the singing, our team’s testimonies, and the spoken Word of God will change lives for Eternity.  I can’t wait to see our new Christian Guatemalan brothers and sisters in Heaven some day.

And, finally, the last team devotion time will be on Saturday night.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the team members’ hearts, souls, and minds…so that many, if not all, will come home with a renewed fire for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  SO LET’S PRAY THEM HOME.

Every day is a blessing and a gift from God,

Rod Huisingh